What We've Done

Blur's founding members emerged from a successful medical device venture and we bring a scrappy start-up mentality to all of our projects. Whether you are a large company looking to upgrade your portfolio or a start-up exploring disruptive technologies, our approach will benefit you. Product development is rarely easy. We depend on open, straightforward communication coming together to a single unified vision for the product itself and the possibilities that we can achieve together.

Our collective experiences touch many diverse industries, markets and product categories including consumer goods, industrial equipment, electronics, and, of course, medical devices. The best consultants, engineers, designers, scientists and product experts share a few things in common, but one attribute stands out. We see ourselves as a seamless extension of your team working together to develop great products.



The Sensica device measures urine output in the ICU or OR using proprietary sensor technology and analysis algorithms, providing longitudinal data and alerting hospital staff to possible acute kidney injury. The software then wirelessly transmits data to the hospital's electronic medical records system. Blur was responsible for industrial design, GUI development, mechanical, electrical and software engineering along with setting up both high and low volume cost-effective manufacturing lines.


The Altopa OBlend is a new, groundbreaking device in the field of microfluidic delivery systems, allowing for on-demand blending and dispensing of oils in microliter volumes. Blur designed the system from initial concept through production, including all of the mechanical, electrical, and software engineering as well as the custom microfluidics design. We've also done the industrial design and product development effort to convert the R&D science into a cost-effective, commercial product design.



Mts Systems

Blur has designed and built custom manufacturing and testing equipment for MTS Systems, a multinational manufacturer of linear position sensors for industrial applications.

Blur led the electrical and software design efforts to design systems using a laser interferometer to accurately measure the output of the position sensors to ± 40µm.

NC State

Blur worked with the NC State University Department of Food Science to develop a device capable of tracking jaw and tongue movements while eating using a three-dimensional array of magnetic sensors. Blur did the mechanical and electrical design, the prototyping, and the algorithm development needed to identify the jaw and tongue movements.



surgical imaging

Blur developed a medical device for imaging blood flow velocity during coronary bypass surgery. The system operates on a principle in which a near infrared laser is used to illuminate the area of interest and moving blood cells create an interference pattern that is correlated to velocity. We did engineering of the laser and optical system design, algorithm development, software engineering, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and the appropriate design controls.


The Blur team originated from the successful ophthalmology start-up TearScience. We were key members of the engineering team responsible for its commercially successful product line and TearScience remains our client today. We helped develop the science, engineering and manufacturing systems behind their diagnostic capital equipment imaging products and high volume disposable treatment product.



Vapor Flame

The Vapor Flame system combines water vapor and focused LED lighting to create a flame effect, without the pyrotechnics and associated hazards. Blur did the complete development of the product, from concept through production, combining our expertise in fluids, optics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and software. We wrote firmware to implement a DMX slave interface to accept lighting commands from industry standard control equipment so the device could be controlled by existing control equipment by sound and lighting technicians.