Imagine the Possibilities


Innovation is Your
Competitive Edge

That means innovating with engineering, technology, user experience, aesthetics, manufacturing and marketing. At Blur we've got everything your product will need through its entire life cycle - from industrial design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to branding and marketing - all under one roof.


Experience Matters

Experience matters to every company, every project, and every relationship.

We understand you have many options when selecting a design partner. What makes Blur different from most design firms is our wealth of experience across the engineering spectrum. Blur's founders graduated from a successful medical device venture in the Research Triangle, so we know what it's like to be in your shoes. We have a track record of taking products from inception to high-volume manufacturing. Whatever the scope and technical demands of your project, there's a good chance that our team is the right fit.


Work With Us

When you work with Blur, we will challenge your thinking as much as we challenge our own. We continually ask questions to ensure that we're driving toward the best product for you and your customers. We're detail-oriented but always keep an eye on the big picture, and we believe in building long-term relationships on a foundation of trust.